Company Philosophy

We adhere to a flexible, sustainable and transparent company policy.
Our long-term interest is focused on the conservation of value and thus on high customer benefit.


"The only source of sustained competitive advantage is the ability to learn faster than your competitors" Peter Drucker

We face up to our competition, as it inspires us in our efforts to optimize quality and cost-effectiveness, and serves as a benchmark for what is technically and economically feasible.


The customer is always center stage. We consistently aim at establishing and maintaining stable and fair business relations with our clients and offer them consistent, outstanding quality at any scope.

We strive to distinguish ourselves and stand out positively from the competition when handling our clients' business. We believe in service and open client communication, and provide the customer with expert contact persons who are as qualified professionally as they are competent socially.


We guarantee long-term and secure employment for our staff and aspire to positive employee identification with our company.

We promote this with regular training, a supply of high-quality work equipment and materials, and by granting the greatest autonomy possible for each and every employee.


We regard our suppliers as business partners and meet their reliability, quality and loyalty with fair conditions. We expect our suppliers to permanently and reliably give their 100%.

Society and Ethics

We take care to preserve social peace and justice, and guarantee to protect the human dignity of every employee. We live up to our social responsibility towards our employees.