How do we operate?

We design our operations to minimize interference with your own schedule. If necessary, we will work nights, weekends or on segments, during closing times or in your absence. All according to your wishes.

I. Survey

To find the perfect solution for every challenge, we will survey the situation on-site.

During the visit, we will inspect the stone surfaces with regard to their chemical, physical and biological condition and their degree of staining.

II. Sample Surface

To test the stone's reaction, the chemical bonding, the maximum degree of cleaning and to establish the perfect combination of LupoClean products, a sample surface will be chosen in consultation with the client.

III. Cleaning

The surfaces are cleaned according to need and state of the art. Damages and stains are removed wherever technically possible.

IV. Component A
Auftragen Komponente A

The first component is applied, followed by a drying time of ca. 4-8 hours.

V. Cleaning of Component A
Abreinigung Komponente A

Afterwards, the excess coating not absorbed by the floor is removed by intensive cleaning Another drying time follows until a remaining humidity of ca. 5% is reached.

VI. Component B
Auftragen Komponente B

Next, a wearing surface is applied, which can be walked on after no more than 3-4 hours.


For your own safety and to assess the actual benefit, we recommend an idle and usage time of the sample surface of 30 to 90 days. During this period, the surface should be stressed as much as possible, to convince you of the quality LupoClean offers.

After this time, we will re-assess the surface and recommend a further course of action.