Frequently asked questions about coating

You ask, we answer

LupoClean is a complex product, so there consequently arise a lot of questions about product, application and other . If we couldn't answer your question in the FAQ down below, please feel free to contact us.

What kind of stones can be coated?

It is possible to coat every kind of natural or artificial stones, e.g. granite, marble, sandstone, terrazzo, shale, quartzite, concrete or attic. Before each coating there need to be tested if the chemical reaction between LupoClean and the concerning stone or surface will go properly.

Are there any stones which can't be coated?

Yes, there are some kinds of stones or surfaces which can't be coated. This inlcude all kinds of polished surfaces or stones, furthermore Belgium Blue Stone or fine stoneware, which are not able to be coated.

Are there any alternatives to coating?

If there are any problems with already coated stones or surfaces, LupoClean developed an approach to solve this difficulty. LupoClean assembled a special product combination for coating these cases. However these alternatives do not completely set into the stone voids anymore. But they can provide a much better protection to the stone than the old coating.

For which applications coating is fitting for?

LupoClean protects stones and surfaces against acids or alkaline aggressive substances, e.g. wine, vinegar, coke or aggressive cleaners. LupoClean also removes greasy soot from fireplaces and other oily, oleaginous substances from stones and surfaces. Longlasting spots from coffee, red wine or any other heavily tincturing substances can thus be avoided.

We'd like to point out that LupoClean is able to protect stones and surfaces from immediately contaminations through substances, but it doesn't detain polluting substances over several days. So, please take care that these substances do not remain on the surface for more than 24h.

How long does the coating remain?

To our clients we hand out a care pass after we coated the stone or surface. This care pass guarantees an inspection of the coated area after two years, for free. The inspecting person will recommend you whether to repeat the coating process, especially if it is an engrossed area or leave it as it is.

Is there anything to consider for cultivation of surface?

Yes, you should always keep in mind the manual of care. It will tell you what to consider to take care of the coated are properly. The manual of care exactly tells you what your coated area needs as it is always an unique manual of care only concerning your coated area.

Is the coating skid-resistant?

Yes, LupoClean always makes the coated area skid-resistant. The coating has a default skid-restinance of R9. If you wish for a higher skid-resistance there is the possibility to reach up to level R11. Ask our contact persons about it.

Is LupoClean odourless?

While LupoClean is applicated there can be a modest smell, which evaporate after the coating is done. After LupoClean set the coating is completely odourless. There are no evaporations or any kind of smell.

Does LupoClean affect the environment?

No, unless LupoClean is not liquid anymore. If LupoClean has set it is not harmful to the environment. You can then dispose LupoClean containing stones into normal construction waste, or likewise. But if it isn't set completely LupoClean contains harmful material, which you can find within the security data sheet. LupoClean isnt' subject of the REACH regulation.

How is LupoClean processed?

LupoClean is applicated with two components. The first component is wiped, sprayed or rolled out on the surface. After the first layer set, the second component will be applicated by means of the dispense method. Afterwards the surface needs to dry out for approx. 6h.

How long does it take to dry out?

After application the coating needs at least 6h to dry out. You should be aware that the coated area should stay dry for at least 24h after application. Avoid any kind of moisture. Between the 3rd and 7th day after application there'll develop a protection against spots and contamination. LupoClean will achieve its full resistance after 90 days.

Protects LupoClean against graffiti?

With LupoClean the colour can't adhere at the surface. That means grains of colour can be removed more easily. Potentially the graffiti can be removed with simple solvent without even harming the coating. Please contact us before using solvents to remove graffiti, so we can check the circumstances (kind of stone, age of coating, make of solvent, etc.)