What can LupoClean do?

The application of LupoClean significantly reduces maintenance costs
by extending basic cleaning cycles.

Amortization is 100% guaranteed. Also, it is cost-effective because the basic component has to be applied only once.

It opens up new areas of application for stones, where their employment was previously unfavorable
(e.g. restroom facilities and limestones like marble).

It considerably extends the useful life of indoor and outdoor stone surfaces.



more resistant to acids and alkaline solutions than dispersions, emulsions, fluorosilicate, hydrophobing agents or crystallization, protects natural and artificial limestones against acid damage and chemical burn damage

high resilience, increased wear-resistance, hardening of the surface by ca. 1° Mohs.

natural appearance paired with many years of surface protection

permanently refined colors and/or brilliant surfaces

inhibits algae and moss growth

reduces efflorescence when applied competently

trouble-free corrections

slip-inhibitory base value R9, modifiable to R11

no subsequent impregnation necessary

diffusion-open (allows aqueous vapor to evaporate from the ground)

structurally reinforcing for all, and particularly for porous, open-pored stones like quarzite, sandstone

What LupoClean Can Do For Your Stone?


LupoClean can be used on all mineral, artificial, vertical, and horizontal man-made or natural stones and concrete surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Temperature Resistance

Its mineral structure makes LupoClean much more temperature-resistant that any plastic coating or polymeric impregnation agents. Temperatures of up to 300° C are no problem for hardened LupoClean.

Eco-Friendliness and Hygiene

In its dry and hardened state, LupoClean is a mineral, protective covering. For daily care, surfaces treated with LupoClean can be cleaned with minimal dosages of completely non-tenside detergents. Intervals for extensive and expensive basic cleaning work can be greatly extended and even be omitted for years.


Cleaning and maintenance are always connected to the value, aesthetics, hygiene and cost of a building. LupoClean offers economical, long-term conservation of value. It makes pollutive maintenance products obsolete.


Our durability warranty is aimed at substantiating the honesty and performance of our product.