Product License LupoClean

The LupoClean Beschichtungen GmbH offers Europe-wide licenses for the use of their product. The license secures exclusive rights to the product in the respective country. There are no retail options by trade partners.

Contact us if you want to learn more or if you think you are the right partner for us!

In case you wish to be one of our future licensed partners, please consider the following points:

What we offer

  • Products with a globally unique selling point
  • entrepreneurial autonomy
  • Exclusivity in your country
  • Know-How in stone cleaning and restoration
  • 15-20 years license term
  • Research for product enhancement
  • long-term customer retention
  • License transfer

What you offer

  • Expertise on natural and artificial stones
  • business experience
  • solid financial background
  • broad knowledge on stone cleaning
  • general willingness to undergo training
  • Experience in staff management
  • customer-oriented action
  • Service experience
License areas - Europe

Used all over Europe

Used all over Europe

We offer licenses to interested companies all over Europe and have been working successfully in co-operation with our current License Partners.

License Partners - Germany
Lizenzgebiete in Deutschland


Beschichtungen GmbH
An der Triebe 66
01468 Moritzburg

Logo LupoClean

ZIP code areas Lizenzpartner
06 Floor Recovering
10, 12, 13, 14 SD - Stein Doktor Berlin
60, 65 Stone Ambience
70 - 75, 77 - 79 TOP-Gebäudeservice
License Partners - Austria


Winkler Steinmetz GmbH & Co KG
Archengasse 47
A-6130 Schwaz

License Partners - Poland


TOP Grupa Polska Sp. z o.o.
Curie 92
59-300 Lubin

License Partners - Lithuania


UAB Conman
Radvilenu pl. 3A-35
LT- 50264 Kaunas

License Partner - Belgium


Elbaco B.V.B.A.
Hendrik Consciencelaan 42
B - 3090 Overijse