What is LupoClean?

LupoClean is an entirely innovative, patented stone varnish.

It is a mineral product consisting of two independent components. Both components can be used in combination or independently, in different APPLICATIONS.

The LupoClean product range enables users to deploy customized product combinations for any combination of surfaces (types of stone), application sites (indoors or outdoors), and various optical requirements.

In comparison to popular surface coatings, LupoClean shows different, greatly improved CHARACTERISTICS.

The on-site use of the sealing technology is fast and efficient. We take over the project management for our customers and use a transparent OPERATING PROCEDURE.

The LupoClean product is not available over-the-counter!

LupoClean is a permanent coating for natural and artificial stones which uses a chemical reaction to bond to the surface instead of just resting on top of the surface like conventional coatings.

Intensive training and long years of practical experience have given us the required know-how to ensure high-quality workmanship.

Processing and application mistakes are bound to result in costly post-processing!

Tender Specification Tender Specification 2012

Safety Data SheetSafety Data Sheet BAT

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The application of LupoClean significantly reduces maintenance costs by extending basic cleaning cycles. Amortization is 100% guaranteed. Also, it is cost-effective because the basic component has to be applied only once. It opens up new areas of application for stones, where their employment was previously unfavorable (e.g. restroom facilities and limestones like marble). It considerably extends the useful life of indoor and outdoor stone surfaces.

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LupoClean was developed to counter known negative or unwanted influences on stone surfaces. The adverse properties of stone have been proven in several areas of industry, in monument protection, and in the construction of roofs, terraces, flooring, and facades of private homes. Among them are inerasable oil or grease stains, rust, structural decay in sandstones, discoloration of marble and other limestones, spalling by alkali-silica reaction, damages caused by de-icing salt or the permanent influence of humidity, chemical damage caused by incorrectly used cleaning agents, biological corrosion damages (moss, algae, lichens), weathering or efflorences.

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We design our operations to minimize interference with your own schedule. If need be, we will work nights, weekends or on building segments, during closing times or in your absence. All according to your wishes.

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Product License


The LupoClean Beschichtungen GmbH offers Europe-wide licenses for the use of their product. The license secures exclusive rights to the product in the respective country. There are no retail options by trade partners.
In case you wish to be one of our future licensed partners, please consider the following points:

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